Five Guys, Butternut & Venison

This evening I enticed the boys to accompany me to a Board Development Committee meeting (sounds hot, yes?) at the WhyHunger office, with a plan that we would stop first at Five Guys on W. 34th Street and then set them up with “Walking With Prehistoric Beasts” DVD there on my laptop. The plan was discussed and implemented enthusiastically, and on the wall of that not-too–fast-food-restaurant Maceo and I noted the sign naming the farm in Idaho from whence our fried potatoes came. Even Five Guys has to get on the “know your farmer” tip these days..

Needless to say I did not cook, so I’ll take a moment to revisit dinner two nights ago, when we in turn revisited the venison and butternut squash of my first ever blog post.

(Ew. Listen to me. I have hardly ever read any of those food blogs, let alone envisioned writing one. But here I am. Ew.)

The venison steak leftovers were thin sliced and heated a bit in the toaster oven alongside 3-year old Van’s leftover organic glorified chicken nugget things (even as his staple dinner, they are treated ambivalently). Somehow the steak pieces did not get dry and big boy Maceo ate his and mine both.

I ate butternut squash soup, with which I was quite happy — hence the post. Somewhere I’d read that saving scraps and peels from various vegetables is a good way to make broth, and I’m trying to make that a habit. (cheap – no actually pretty much free when you think about it.) A week or so ago I had simmered some garlic and onion papers, carrot and apple peels and maybe some mushroom feet and scallion greens in salty water for a different soup, and had some leftover in a jar. (I’m not one to put a tight expiration date for stuff in my fridge).

Sauteed shallots, fresh ginger slices and apple pieces, the roasted butternut and the broth, with a bit more of that mystery-probably-coriander ground spice, cooked a bit then pureed in the blender – it was really good! Which was fortunate as I was left with most of Maceo’s, while he stuck with the meat.

Leftovers are my pride and joy.

Please join me in the making of my new album, Reckoning


2 responses to “Five Guys, Butternut & Venison

  1. Man, I usually keep a couple of leftovers/scraps sacks in the freezer for making stocks. One, I keep all veggie stuff in. The other, I keep bones, chicken/duck/turkey carcasses etc. Free, and so much better.

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