Something’s gotta give

This won’t be the most creative or compelling blog post I have to offer, but here goes.

I just resigned at head of the PS9 Brooklyn PTO Wellness Committee. And I feel so relieved.

My involvement with the wellness committee, which I more or less founded in a half-ass way, was an expression of wanting to apply a big picture interest in school food, nutrition, and food justice to the small picture scenario at Maceo’s school. And it’s true that in New York City there are many opportunities for motivated, resourceful, committed parents and school staff to improve food in the cafeteria as well as overall health and wellness throughout the community. There’s a great bunch of other parents and staff involved, and we’ve gotten some things done. I’ll stay involved, but it’s time to step back a bit.

Maybe it’s the artist in me, but I think when it comes to food justice I do best engaging with the immediate tangible challenges of feeding my family and friends, or conversely the big, relatively abstract challenges of feeding the world. Not the in-between world of endless emails and bureaucracies, backpack handouts and small grants..

The other more pressing fact is that I am so damn excited and overwhelmed and engaged and inspired about making and promoting this new album, that my brain focus and my time are pushed and pulled to the limit with that. Not much room for more.

A few weeks ago I also announced that I will not be standing for re-election as Secretary of the Board of WhyHunger. Still a member of course, and hugely involved. But no longer an officer. Super relieved about that as well!


Please join me in the making of my new album, Reckoning


One response to “Something’s gotta give

  1. Good girl Jen, you know your are doing soooo much already, You girl, well , are one in a million. Just had to tell you that. Happy Valentines dahy

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