My Mom (adapted from Pledge Music update #2)

So yes, as has been announced, since my last update I’ve reached ¼ of my funding goal! The slightly awkward fact is that this milestone was reached not from an outpouring of support from the masses (that will come..), but by a single very generous gift from my mom.

I’m actually very honored by this, and told her so, as I know her pledge came not from any sense of maternal obligation (like the one that had me reluctantly attend my son’s 2nd grade class assembly today. Well, it turned out be pretty cute.) but rather from a sense of artistic excitement over the project. She is blessedly free of the digital time/mind trap, but when I showed her Kate Chumley’s video and Tifenn Python’s painting in person last weekend, she was genuinely moved. She’s an accomplished lyricist, poet, and visual artist herself, so it means so much that she, like all of you, believes in this! (And she is famously brutal in constructive criticism when need be. I have no doubt that she’ll make word change suggestions long after the album is pressed..)

I should mention that my mom, Sandy Chapin, is the lyricist for my dad Harry’s most timeless and well-loved song, “Cat’s in the Cradle” as well as quite a few other great ones. She was also the quiet impetus behind his activism, and helped found WhyHunger, the beneficiary of ½ of funds raised beyond this goal. Her work in art and community building continues to this day, and is a constant inspiration and challenge to me.

— She is also Grandma, and will be staying with us in Brooklyn to babysit over our first 3 days in the studio. Uncle Josh will cover the 4th day. —

Another awkward fact is how seamlessly this tribute all segues into commerce.. I just added three more exclusives to the list of stuff people can get when they pledge to support my new album on the site here

These are — my recent live CD tribute for my late dad’s 70th birthday which features “Cat’s” and another favorite of my parents’ collaborations, “Tangled Up Puppet.” (If you’re wondering, it’s not about me! But actually inspired by my then teenage sister Jaime) among others; and also, some elegant sterling silver jewelry custom-designed and crafted by metal artist Amy Volchok. “Find Your Joy and Let it Show” is the inscription on this bracelet and earrings, from the lyric of my song “Let it Show.” Amy has been to my concerts and was one of the first supporters of “Reckoning,” and then approached me about the idea of adding her creations to the offerings. Her work is so beautiful that it wasn’t a hard call. Mother’s Day shopping, anyone?

One thing I didn’t get from my mom but probably from my dad was multi-tasking – working amid distractions. I just wrote this on the B train to Times Square while journeying to attend a WhyHunger event. I’m finishing it up now seated on some stairs in the middle of the Hard Rock Café. My mom, on the other hand, does one thing at a time.

Maybe that’s why she’s such a great artist..


Please join me in the making of my new album, Reckoning


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